Apartment tour

I thought you may be curious about where we live, so I took a few quick pictures of our apartment.

We’ll start with the living room. We finally got our TV today, which is pretty exciting. Our apartment came furnished with just about everything we need.


We have a washing machine and sink on the balcony. I’ve missed having a dryer, but at least it’s been hot enough that the clothes dry fairly quickly on the line.

We have a kitchen (not pictured) with a fridge that should be big enough for two people, but is somehow full at all times.

We have a dining room table that we’ve never eaten at. It has 6 chairs, presumably for all of the people we have over.

And a guest room in need of guests.


The guest room is lit by my favorite light in the house.


We were lucky enough to get a corner apartment with nothing obstructing our nice city views.


Some people may come into our apartment and not see anything all that special, but the first night we walked in, both Thomas and I were blown away. After living with families in Nicaragua, we’re thrilled to have a space to ourselves, a bathroom with a door and hot water, wifi, and a kitchen that we can use as often as we want. We even have air conditioning and maybe even heat? To be determined when it’s actually cold outside.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this super brief tour of our apartment. Maybe eventually we’ll have a visitor who can sleep in our guest room 🙂



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