Typhoon Mangkhut

I can officially say I have survived my first typhoon! What exactly is a typhoon, you may ask? It’s a hurricane. The only difference is that for some reason when it’s on the Pacific, it gets a new name.

Anyway, we got notice that a typhoon would be coming our way over the weekend. Saturday was perfectly sunny, not a drop of rain, but that day, we already knew school would be cancelled for Monday. Of course, even though we’re only a few weeks in, we’re already worn down by long days with boisterous kids, so we welcomed the day off, even though it was for bad weather.


Now, I’ve never been through hurricanes, but I feel like this wasn’t so bad. It seemed like we didn’t really get the worst of it. We were on the edge of the storm, so there was lots of rain and strong winds, but we were perfectly safe inside. We briefly lost water (which I realized before I turned on the faucet, after I’d already put soap in my hand) but it came back pretty fast. We spent a nice lazy day inside watching The Sound of Music, then we ventured one building over (through the parking garage) to have dinner and drink wine with friends. I made some sautéed mushrooms, which even Thomas, who isn’t a big fan of mushrooms, didn’t hate.

It seems like most of the damage was to trees (we saw several fallen trees outside our apartment and on the way to school today). We live right by the train station, and at one point I glanced out our bathroom window and noticed that parts of the roof had blown off. Today, despite the damage, it’s business as usual all around town.


I also took a pretty big risk and made myself some homemade poke (which is like sushi, but instead of rolls, everything is just dumped in a bowl) but it turned out fine and I didn’t give myself food poisoning! That said, I still have some leftovers, so there’s still a chance it’ll happen.

Anyway, we’re safe, and the city of Shenzhen seems to do a bang-up job of handling inclement weather, so all is well!



2 thoughts on “Typhoon Mangkhut

  1. Anna September 18, 2018 / 7:27 am

    I loved seeing you (or maybe Thomas’s?) instagram stories of the winds and rain. I’m also sorry you’re so worn out from the kids. They sound like a mega handful.


    • Jade September 18, 2018 / 7:36 am

      Girl I was so relaxed on typhoon day, you know I love a good storm! And documenting it was fun 😊 We’ll figure the kids out eventually…luckily we’ve got some well-deserved vacation coming up


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