Spring Vacation

Many of you may already know that Thomas and I recently went back to the States for a couple weeks. I wasn’t gonna write a blog post about it, but I’ve had a December vacation post saved in my drafts that I think it’s too late to publish, and I’ve been generally terrible about posting the March/April vacation photos on social media, so I decided to throw some here while I figure out what else to do with them.

The primary reason that Thomas and I went home was for his sister’s wedding. We love to celebrate love, plus it was nice to wear something other than my usual outfit of stretched-out jeans and t-shirts and thick layer of sweat.

Y’all know I love a good wedding, and it’s even better when there’s delicious food. Which THERE WAS and it was Italian and we ate leftovers for days and it was amazing.

The day after the wedding, we took the scenic drive to Blacksburg to see Grandma and Papa and celebrate Easter. I ate Grandma’s deviled eggs and Chris made some delicious chicken. We didn’t take any pictures (oops) because we were too busy having wonderful conversations and catching up. I’ve always loved the drive to Blacksburg from Missouri (despite the likelihood that I’ll get carsick driving the winding mountain roads.) The drive from Richmond was beautiful too, and as we were driving back after the sun set, we witnessed a glorious orange supermoon (ok, I’m not sure if that’s what it actually was because I forgot to Google afterward, but it was large and very orange.) We failed to get worthwhile pictures because we are not astrophotographers, obviously.

I’m shocked I was able to even get this photo without a tripod. The rest are complete basura.

The next day was Easter! We went to church and Thomas’s family all got together and again, I have no pictures.

We also went to New York for a few days! That was something that we’d been planning on doing for like a year, because I wanted to see Jackie and Jon at some point before my service ended, and I’d assumed we wouldn’t see them at Christmas (we did, but only for like an hour.) Anyway, we’d decided to go to New York, so I made the financially irresponsible choice of buying Hamilton tickets (the pretense was a late present for Thomas’s birthday/our anniversary, but let’s be real, it was a gift for myself too.)

That said, I feel like I need to *REWIND* to point out that I give Hamilton a ton of credit for Thomas and I becoming friends. When you’re in a new country with 40 other volunteers who you just met, you have no idea who’s gonna be important to you, or who to make important to you. Thomas and I had no formal introduction, at least not one that either of us remember. I was overwhelmed by new people, but we’d ended up sitting together at a charla or two, and all the volunteers had recently gotten each other’s phone numbers.

Anyway, his name is Thomas AND he’s from Virginia, so I thought of a couple Hamilton references and texted him asking if he’d ever listened to it. (He hadn’t, but said he’d be willing to.) It’s worth noting that comparing him to Thomas Jefferson was merely an excuse to text him, and that, gracias a dios, the first name and home state are where their similarities end. Well, they’re also both white men, but you get my point.

Anyway, I shared Hamilton with Thomas, and he shared Chance the Rapper’s Coloring Book with me, and that’s kind of how our friendship and history of music sharing started. (Running into each other at the batido place in Catarina didn’t hurt either.)

So I bought four Hamilton tickets. (When people found out we were going, they kept asking, “so I guess it’s easier to get tickets now, huh?”) LOL NO, I bought those tickets in August, y’all. And I BARELY got them. I somehow managed to keep it a secret from Thomas until our anniversary weekend in February, but then I couldn’t keep it to myself any longer and freaked out and told him.

Anyway, that’s all to say that Hamilton is really important to both of us, and seeing it together was an indescribable experience.

We’re about to see Hamilton and we can’t contain the excitement.
Windy. So windy.

Ahhh I was telling this story chronologically and now it’s all jumbled because the process of buying tickets to seeing the show was like 7 months long.

Anyway, we were also suuuuper excited to go to NYC so we could meet up with our friend Maddie, who we last saw in September and have been missing like crazy. A few months before the trip, we told her we were planning to make our way to the city for a few days and that we would LOVE to see her if she could come down. We picked a meeting time and place, and I’m not even kidding, when I got there we locked eyes across a crowded room and everything went in slow motion for a second and then we hugged and it was incredible. Remember earlier when I said that at the beginning of the Peace Corps journey, you have no idea who will be important to you? Well somehow, through circumstance and coincidence and shared experience, we became friends. Important friends, and I can’t imagine my service without her.

After a delicious lunch (I ate tacos, and the dude who made my tacos automatically spoke to me in Spanish because maybe I look like I speak it, idk) we spent the day together walking in the crazy wind and talking about life plans and obsessing over books.

Maddie has a better Nica face than I do, but she’s also more Nica than me soooo


I’m sad to have parted ways for now, but I’m excited to see how and when and where we come together in the future ❤️

The day of Hamilton, we also met up with Uncle TJ, who took us to lunch and to Roosevelt Island, where there’s an old smallpox hospital. It’s now a protected historical ruin or something, and also something I didn’t know existed, so I was glad TJ took us out there!

And OF COURSE, is any trip to New York complete without visiting the Balto statue? (Answer: no.)

I think I mentioned most of the big things we did on vacation? In the future, I’m gonna try to be better at taking photos, because this is basically all I got 😬. Specifically, JACKIE, how do we NEVER get pictures when we’re together? I think the last photos of us together were at your wedding??? THREE YEARS AGO? We fail.

Anyway, thanks for reading. I’m back in Nicaragua until I finish service, so I’m gonna try REALLY hard to keep on truckin’ and updating you more regularly. Hold me accountable if I don’t!

6 thoughts on “Spring Vacation

  1. Anna April 14, 2018 / 2:20 pm

    Omggggggg. I love everything about this post, 10/10. And the few pictures you did get are


  2. Sublett, Kimberlee April 15, 2018 / 8:34 am

    OMG 😲, I had no idea that you went to Hamilton in NYC! I know it had to have been AMAZING. Glad you had such a well rounded trip with family and friends, that’s what really matters.

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    • Jade April 15, 2018 / 8:37 am

      Oh my gosh, I was keeping it a secret for so long that I totally forgot to tell you! It was a great trip all around and we were happy to see so many friends and family!


  3. Grandma April 15, 2018 / 11:24 am

    Papa, Chris, Sandy and I were so very happy to have you come to our house for a visit and celebrate birthdays and Easter. We really enjoyed you being here and meeting Thomas. The picture of you and Thomas for the wedding is nice, love the red dress. What a great vacation you guys had. We are so very proud of you. Love and hugs,


    • Jade April 15, 2018 / 11:56 am

      Thanks Grandma, it was so good to see you all. Wish we could’ve stayed longer. Next visit we will 💗


  4. Ken Conner April 16, 2018 / 5:39 pm

    Really enjoyed the update Jade keep on trucking.


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