Practicum week reflection

Tonight is my last night in Estelí. A quick overview of the super official stuff I’ve been doing:

  • Saturday: Arrived in Estelí and co-planned my lesson with my awesome Nicaraguan counterpart.
  • Sunday: Hiked.
  • Monday: Taught a few hours of 9th grade.
  • Tuesday: Observed several classes, taught for a couple hours.
  • Wednesday: Observed a class about natural disasters, had an earthquake in the middle of class.

Anyway, I’m going a few thoughts on my practicum week experience.

Saturday, I had to wake up before 4 am to travel to Estelí. I had to ride in a moto taxi, microbus, and a big bus for several hours, and for the 3ish hours that I rode on the big bus, I had to pee SO BAD. The fact that I didn’t pee my pants on the bus is one of my greatest accomplishments.

We arrived in Estelí and I observed STEP classes (classes that build the English proficiency of Nicaraguan English teachers.) Afterwards, I co-planned with my new counterpart, who attends STEP classes every Saturday. It was an incredible experience. My co-planning antes de practicum week was essentially just my counterpart writing an objective on the board and expecting me to do the rest. I’ve basically flown solo for the last six weeks.

This week, actually planning a lesson with another teacher, collaborating and sharing ideas, was increíble. Teaching together throughout the week (actually teaching together) was a completely new experience for me. At times it was frustrating when lessons didn’t go exactly as planned, but I feel like I got a much better idea of what the rest of my Peace Corps service will be like.

My counterpart this week was so wonderful. She’s worked with a volunteer for a couple years, and at this point she’s teaching almost entirely in English. She’s open to new ideas and really wants to collaborate. It was a fun challenge, and I’m excited to be placed in my site and get started in a new community.

I’m halfway through training. Only 6ish weeks left 😀

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