Sin espejos

You know what’s a little weird? Living in a house without mirrors.

My host family may have mirrors in their bedrooms, but there aren’t any in my room or the shared parts of the house (not even over the sink in the bathroom!) I like to think I’m not vain, but I do look at my reflection every time I walk by a mirror, window, etc, so this has been interesting (FYI, the majority of the windows here don’t have glass, so…)

Anyway, I have mirrors in my makeup palettes, but I never wear makeup here, so I’ll sometimes literally go days without knowing what my face looks like. 

There’s also no scale here. I’ve never been one to diet or watch my weight or try to change my weight in any way, but I do step on a scale any time I’m in the room with one. I’m not sure why. Curiosity?

Lately, about 90% of my diet has been carbs, and I’ve started to feel like maybe I’ve gained a little fat or lost some muscle definition. But without a scale of a mirror, I have no real way of knowing. All I have is one terrible angle of my stomach.

It doesn’t matter if I gain weight or if my abs go away, really, but it has been a little disorienting to have absolutely no idea what I look like from day to day.

I don’t plan on exercising during training, because I’d have to run at 6 a.m. and then give up my morning wifi time, and also I’m lazy. Maybe once I get placed in my actual site, I’ll get a good routine going. And maybe I’ll invest in a mirror? 

4 thoughts on “Sin espejos

  1. Michael August 28, 2016 / 1:38 pm

    That’s funny, Jade. Also revealing in many ways…without the mirror.


  2. Kim August 28, 2016 / 7:17 pm

    It’s funny that you talked about weight in this post. Yesterday, I was sharing some of your posts with Peggy, and when she came to the hiking post, she made the comment that she thought you looked like you had lost some weight. I said that it may have just been the angle of the selfie, but now I’m wondering if she may be right. Are you eating enough? Here you can snack and can get up and get something anytime you are hungry. There, I’m not sure that is an option, or that you are comfortable enough doing that. Can you buy food anywhere to keep in your room if you want?


    • Jade August 29, 2016 / 7:31 am

      Anna said the same thing,but I think it’s just the photo angle. I think I’m probably the same weight that I was when I left, and I’m eating three very large meals every day. This morning I had two massive pancakes 🙂


  3. Jasmine Johnson August 29, 2016 / 11:39 am

    Not having mirrors is weird. Every time I think about people who lived before mirrors were invented I just get confused. You have to look at your reflection in metal??? Or a pond??? Get outta here.

    Not the same, but it reminds me of senior year of college when I had a distorted mirror that made me look like 3 inches taller and 15 pounds skinnier. And after months of looking at myself in that mirror I went to a thrift store, and the mirror there made me look a couple inches shorter and maybe 20 pound heavier than I actually am. And I stared at myself forever trying to figure out if that’s actually what I looked like or if this mirror was distorted in the other direction hahaha.

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